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Seniors Driving Improvement

  • If you are healthy but somehow seem to be slow to react while driving
  • you have had a change in condition (temporary or permanent), and you worry this might affect your driving,
  • you know someone who might be having difficulties but not sure why,
  • Most importantly, if you think your older parents are no longer safe for driving, invite them Come in for an evaluation.

We help you CONTINUE driving SAFELY:

  • Recommend car modifications: Many times, we can point out where to make easy changes in your car, where to add some cushions, for example.
  • Instruct exercises, stretching while driving (while stopping at lights).
  • Many times, we design ways to improve on your reaction time, flexibility, strength, endurance on land, which carry over to driving (and other life tasks).
  • We challenge you to excellent work outs that will keep your mind fresh, your reflexes quick, and your body strong.
  • Teach you calming techniques, remind you of new perils on the road, such as how to look out for unsafe drivers, keeping safe distance, etc.
  • Guide you while you drive to make sure that you feel comfortable, safe, and practice new techniques
  • We can also recommend adaptive equipment, electronics, assistive technologies that you might benefit, work with you to choose devices and mobility aids.
  • You will feel like a new person and be more safe and confident on the road.


Screening tests:

Macular degeneration
Contrast Sensitivity Test


Driving with Cataracts
Driving with Glaucoma
Driving with Macular Degeneration

Convert the following into the same formats as above

Driving and ADHD [ pdf ]
Driving and Aging [ pdf ]
Driving and Alzheimer's [ pdf ]
Driving and Arthritis [ pdf ]
Driving and Asperger/Autism [ pdf ]
Driving and Cerebral Palsy [ pdf ]
Driving and Vision [ pdf ]

Driving and Limb Loss [ pdf ]
Driving and MS [ pdf ]
Driving & Non-Verbal Learning Disability [ pdf ]
Driving and Spinal Cord Injury [ pdf ]
Driving and Spina Bifida [ pdf ]
Driving and Stroke [ pdf ]
Driving and TBI [ pdf ]

Driving and Community Mobility:

There will be time when safety is in question and accommodations must be made. Below are resources to discuss with family and information about community transportation programs:

Florida Safe Mobility for Seniors
We need to Talk… About Driving
Senior Self Checklist
National 2-1-1 Information line
Florida 2-1-1 Information line
Elder Care Locator – Community Services for Seniors

Getting a ride:

Transportation options:
Transportation Options for Older Adults- NADTC (National Aging Disability and Transportation Center)
Where to get Help Finding a Ride:
Share a Ride map locations in US (Florida: Sarasota/ Suncoast and Orlando Areas) – ITN America

Living Life's 5R's:

Relaxation and Reflection
Reduces Road Rage:

Learn how to use relaxation techniques and positive imagery, tranquil attitudes, to enhance driving experiences and safety



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