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Adaptive Vehicles: Newly Disabled or Differently Abled Drivers:

Individualized programs for each person's needs

We can adapt devices and teach you to drive.

Our Driving Evaluator and Therapist has 22+ years experience working with Multiple Medical / Physical / Physiological / Memory / Cognitive issues

  • Amputees- arms and legs
  • Arthrogryposis adaptive products
  • Developmental DisABILITY
  • Diabetic Neuropathies with muscle weakness, numbness, reduced sensations, reduced grip
  • Dwarfism or just Petites: Accomodations for the "Little People"- foot extenders, hand controls/ steering, reaches, mirrors, etc.
  • Low tone
  • Memory interventions
  • Muscular Dystrophies
  • Pain- Chronic pain, Acute pain: Adaptation and adjustments of seating and car devices to enhance comfort during driving
  • Paresthesia, Paralysis,
  • Post Injury, Post Surgical, Progressive muscle weakness
  • Reduced leg coordination
  • Reduced Range of Motion, Joint Contractures
  • Reduced vision
  • Scleroderma- stiffness, rigid joints, reduced sensations, reduced grip
  • Senior driving adjustments for seating and mirrors, reaches, etc.
  • Slow processing time
  • Spasticity, High muscle tone
  • Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) Cervical and Lumbar levels. C4 and below.
  • Strokes
  • See examples of driving and vehicle modifications on these

Physical Therapy Evaluation to recommend and prepare for Driving

  • Evaluate for body mechanics, posture, strength, range of motion
  • Exercises and home programs/ practice skills to prepare for coping and adaptation on the road
  • Explain how specific new or chronic conditions affect on the road driving
  • Instructions and Recommendations for car, van, lifts, home modifications
  • Evaluations for customized wheelchairs, seating, and other assistive technology
  • Treatment for pain
  • Adding supports to accommodate height difference, short or long reaches, reduced range of motion

Driving Evaluation, On-the-Road Training, Adaptation

  • Evaluate for safety and driving skills
  • Home Instructions, Preparations, Road rules and safety
  • On-the-Road driving practice to improve skills, safety, and confidence
  • Modify equipment to accommodate needs
  • Hand control
  • Foot steering and panel control
  • Touch high tech or low tech devices
  • Recommendations to obtain other adaptive devices if the standard issue equipment is inadequate
  • Recommend van or car adaptive seating controls, restraints, electronic panels, accessories
  • Increasing vision assistance such as special mirrors, light or color coded facilitations.

New to Florida? Welcome!

  • If you recently moved to Florida and are required to be evaluated in order to obtain your adaptive driver's license, call us for an evaluation and on the road practice as needed.
  • We have affordable prices to return you to independence. (CONTACT US/RATE$)
  • We discuss and clarify any questions or concerns

Elisa got her license!!!!

Your independence is our mission! Have a great drive!

Some Possible Modifications for Sedans, SUV, and Vans

For information regarding safe installation and modifications to vehicles, see link to the NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Examples of Hand Controls and Driving System Adaptations:
(note: we do not sell any equipment below, we are only placing them here for your reference (in alphabetical order). We will work with you to get the system that works best for your needs)

Living Life's 5R's:

Relaxation and Reflection
Reduces Road Rage:

Learn how to use relaxation techniques and positive imagery, tranquil attitudes, to enhance driving experiences and safety



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